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We are a young organization aiming to build ourselves up to serve as a model of  Buddhist Wisdom Education with special niche in the area of ecology. We are working to serve as a learning hub for a variety of ecology-based and hands-on activities, experimenting with a number of ideas and projects as recommended by His Majesty the King through the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy bestowed on the Thai populace during the past few decades. 

 We are looking for friends and colleagues who share our ideals and want to make contributions and to make a real difference.

Teachers / Resource Persons:
We welcome full-time, part-time teachers, resource persons in relevant areas.

Parents with specific skills and interests are welcome to join us at your convenience.

We are also looking for volunteers, Thai nationals or otherwise, to contribute in areas of your strength and interests and to learn with us the Buddhist way of living a happy and fulfilled life. English-speaking expatriates interested in self-development in a wholistic way are welcome to spend time with us.

Our School is under the support and supervision of Panyaprateep Foundation, a non profit organization, whose aim is to promote Buddhist Wisdom Education and a deeper understanding and care about the ecological aspect of development. We seek assistance and support in kind or otherwise to build up remaining infrastructure facilities and to strengthen teacher training and quality development.


How to donate
Donations via money transfer by following these details:

  • Account Name: Panyaprateep School
    Bank: Kasikorn Bank ( Pak Chong Branch)
    Account Number : 188-2-74777-4
  • Account Name: Panyaprateep School
    Bank: Kasikorn Bank ( Akamai Branch)
    Account Number : 059-2-52090-9

Please send the copy of your bank transfer slip along with your name and address to:
Panyaprateep School 162 M.12 Bannongnoi, Pakchong, Nakonrajasima 30130 Thailand.
Or kindly fax it to +6644 318 241-2, +6644 318 229 ext. 105

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