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“Create a refuge for oneself to diligently train and educate oneself to become a wise person”

Welcome to Panyaprateep School, Pakchong, Northeast Thailland. We are a boarding secondary school for male and female students under the care and supervision of Panyaprateep Foundation. Our school is located in a lush green setting in an area of over 33 acres overlooking the Khao Yai National Park mountain range.

Our main emphasis is on Buddhist Wisdom Education with a special niche in the area of ecology. We provide continuing Buddhist Wisdom Education from Thawsi Buddhist Wisdom School based in Bangkok, which offers nursery,kindergarten and primary school education. Ajahn Jayasaro, monk disciple of Ajahn Chah of the Thai Forest Tradition, is the Chief Spiritual Advisor of the school. Associate Professor Dr. Prida Tassanapradit, MD. Former Dean of Chulalongkorn Faculty of Medicine, and former Vice Rector of Chulalongkorn University, is the Chaiman of the Foundation

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